We are a small creative studio cultivating fresh and meaningful design for purpose-driven ideas.

We are a boutique design studio that creates Brands, Photography, and Websites for passionate small businesses.


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We're a powerhouse team of two creating stunning branding and design that converts. There are a lot of branding studios out there that only do branding, or only do websites, or only do development—but we are here with you for every stage of growth in your business. When we work together you’ll walk away with an up-leveled brand and platform that gives you confidence to share your vision with the world. Let’s work together.


Latitude: (n) scope for freedom of action or thought

Coordinates can tell you where you are, and where you’re going. But how you get there is completely up to you. Latitude is rooted in our love of travel, exploration, and creativity—and the limitless possibilities that come with it. Wherever you want to take your brand or vision, we can help you find your way there.


kind words

“Working with the Latitude team has been such an easy and graceful experience. They have supported me in photography & graphic design over the last couple of years & their fresh and inspiring spirit come to life in the work they offer. Their creativity is woven through their offerings & is felt through the screen. They have always been prompt, kind, clear and wonderful at seeing my vision and bringing it to life."

Ullasita Rose Devi  |  bluerosedesertmoon.com