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Art Direction, Photography, Styling

Photograph of some oranges in a bowl, part of the Food Photography series.

lovingly sourced Chinese herbs for wellbeing.

ZenChi Health is dedicated to sharing the healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine by introducing pure + potent herbal products that can be beautifully integrated into the modern lifestyle.

#periodpainfree is a new endeavor by ZenChi Health. They’ve teamed up with a group of passionate female doctors, herbalists and nutritionists to create a solution by tapping into proven herbal formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine. #Periodpainfree is here normalize conversation around period health and help more women feel period pain free with personalized, plant-powered, healing herbs - made for women, by women.

ZenChi CBD oil is “calm in a bottle”. It is sourced directly from sun-kissed hemp, organically grown and harvested by vegetable farmers on the West Coast, it’s the highest quality CBD they have been able to find.

This collection of images is for ZenChi Health to use across their website, social media, and marketing materials.