We are a small creative studio cultivating fresh and meaningful design for purpose-driven ideas.

The story behind the studio.





Creative director

The one with the big vision




Graphic designer

Web designer and developer

The one hammering out the small details


We like to think we make a good team.

We started Latitude because we wanted to do more of what lights us up and less of what depletes us. Over the years, we are finding out how important it is to immerse ourselves in our passions and to do what brings us joy.

More importantly, when we feel connected to our surroundings, to our community, and to our work, we thrive.


the story

Before forming Latitude Studio, Emily worked on the creative marketing and photography team at Free People headquarters and Wheeler worked as a designer at Cohere, a branding agency in Philadelphia. After a few years of working in the fashion industry and the agency world, we began feeling how fast things were moving. It took a toll on us. Some serious conversations about life, love, and happiness led us to a big decision—to leave our jobs in the city and travel the world for as long as possible on our savings.

We moved home to small-town Colorado for six months to reset and prepare for this next adventure.

In January 2018, we left on a backpacking trip through Asia and parts of Europe, visiting 11 countries and learning some big life lessons along the way.

A world map showing the 11 countries we visited during six months of traveling

One afternoon in Bali

While we were slurping down some fresh coconuts on our favorite beach in Sanur, we had a big realization. After weeks of anxiety about what we would do after returning home, the perfect mix of sun and the salty sea gave us the idea of combining our talents and our passions to start a creative studio; a business that allows us to nurture ideas, explore foreign lands, and follow our curiosities.

These things fulfill us and help us feel our place in the world. While we were contemplating what we would do when we got home, we wanted to make sure that the decision made would help us live a life with plenty of room for chasing those dreams. The result is Latitude.

Chances are if you’re here reading this, you are probably close to taking that scary step of chasing your dream. We know that all the things that come along with it can feel super overwhelming—we’ve been there too! That’s why our goal is to keep the process of launching your brand or project light and fun.

Do we sound like a good fit? See the Design Offerings.

kind words

“I have worked with the team on different projects. They were super creative, helpful, and patient with me in getting my website set up—from start to finish and they continue to help with any updating and tweaking that needs to be done. I am not a computer person so they were incredibly patient and helped me learn a lot about the world that is so comfortable to them. Emily did a lot of photography for me that is used on my website and all of my other forms of communication. The photos are definitely helping me get into shows, galleries and represent my work on a real professional level. What a fantastic team. I highly recommend using both of these lovely people. They are a joy to work with.  ”

Jill rikkers  |  beautifullyservedbyjill.com